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Oops. I crafted a website. Now what?



Hi all and welcome to AionDB. As you can see here I made a mess on the Internet cooking a Rubus Salad but spilled a website all over the floor instead. This will take a while to clean up so feel free to … err … inspect it. There are tonnes of information (hopefully) and much more to come. Write a comment on the blog if you want to say something about the website.

In all seriousness, I made this originally to level up my programming skill, but instead it turned into something I constantly refer to. So I just thought I’d put it up for everyone.

Here’s a light look at the features on this website:


When you first see the website you will be confronted with some scary looking menus on the left side. These are your teleport points to the rest of the site which you can use to find things. Yes. Just click on them. Its okay they are meant to slide.




When you cheese a category of stuff you will find tables like these. Aion has a lot of items so I made it easy for myself to find things. If you want to find all the White Dragon stuff, its in the Balic stuff. Just type “white” in the box under the name and you will see all of it.



In each page of an item that is craftable, there will be a CraftGraph which will help you calculate the number of each of the component items required to make something. All you have to do is type a number (the quantity) into the white text box, and it will calculate the amounts of Aether Gems you need to make your next balic armor.



I also made a little gathering map that’s awesome that you can drag and zoom in and out of to see exactly where things are (near the cliff? near the pool?)



If you use Chrome or Firefox, you can also see the 3D model of the item! You can only see furniture at the moment but soon you can see equipment models as well.



That wraps up the introduction! Feel free to tell me if something goes wrong and I’ll fix it! Go forth and walk in the light! (coz’ you can’t see anything in the shadows)

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