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walk in the highlight



I am Nakano on the Kahrun server on Aion NA. After recently achieving 390p in Programming, I decided to craft a website that would provide actually useful information about Aion without a cluttered and messy interface. It took me a while to proc this but I did it, at the expense of a lot of time and wasted code.

Shown here is my legion, The Student Council which is a group of very funny and wierd people who run around haphazardly trying to kill all sorts of monsters (like a Soldier, Rank 8) and attempting to make silly jokes when fighting large bosses on low HP and while transformed into Drakies. We also do lots of dailies and help noobs in Verteron kill Crab Norris.

Aion’s light shines upon all of us so it would be funny if any asmodians bump into a wall they didn’t see while in the shadow.

Anyway, enjoy the AionDB and comment if you find any problems with it!